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Loading 3D scene file with measurement crashes MITK
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  1. Open 3D image
  2. Draw a planar figure (e.g. circle)
  3. Save scene
  4. Close images (3D image and measurement)
  5. Load previously saved scene file


MitkWorkbench: /home/teimouri/mitk/src/MITK-bugsqu/Core/Code/DataManagement/mitkGeometry3D.cpp:509: virtual void mitk::Geometry3D::SetSpacing(const Vector3D&): Assertion `aSpacing[0]>0 && aSpacing[1]>0 && aSpacing[2]>0' failed.
The program has unexpectedly finished.
/home/teimouri/mitk/bin/MITK-bugsqu/MITK-build/bin/MitkWorkbench exited with code 0

Event Timeline

For some reason it appears that the spacing gets changed for 3D image data during the measurement process. While the original scene file has a spacing of 0.3/0.3/1 the scene file WITH measurement has a spacing of 0/0/1.

In mitkGeometry3D.cpp Line 518:
assert(aSpacing[0]>0 && aSpacing[1]>0 && aSpacing[2]>0);
then fails.

When you found a fix for the problem, please shortly describe it in the change request and ask for the core_modification flag again.

Arthur what is the status of this bug?

This is a typical locale bug. You have to set the right locale in your system so that points and commata are parsed correctly. I guess you mixed up "en" and "de" locales. See /etc/locale.conf.

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