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Adding support for TOF PMD CamBoard Nano
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Hi, as written in the mailing list I would like to enable support for CamBoard Nano.
As far as I see it is only a matter of adding the configuration in cmake scripts.
Once I am ready I will add a patch here.

Best Regards,

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Sticking to documentation at
there is no option MITK_ENABLE_TOF_HARDWARE in cmake when sticking to superbuild.

When activating MITK_USE_TOF_PMDCAMCUBE an error in cmake output occurs:

"The module target "MitkToFHardware" specified as the auto-loading module
for "MitkPMD" does not exist"

So I guess there currently is a refactoring going on?


OpenCV needs to be enabled in supercuild in order to activate MITK_ENABLE_TOF_HARDWARE as it is a dependency for the module. This should be added to the documentation.

Hi Ingmar,

good to hear, that MITK-ToF is used outside MBI. So you revealed some misdocumentation resulting from the refactoring already a while ago. That should be fixed.
I'm currently not at MBI anymore so I'll assign this bug to Thomas who should be the default assignee for this component.

Thanks for reporting,

Hi Alex,
good to hear from you.
I already added Thomas manually as I could not change the default assinee when creating the feature request.

We missed you in Basel,

Hi Ingmar,

the bug:

"The module target "MitkToFHardware" specified as the auto-loading module for "MitkPMD" does not exist"

originates from the build system, is not related to MITK-ToF and should be fixed in the current master. Did you try the new master?

The MITK_ENABLE_TOF_HARDWARE does not exist anymore. We should update the documentation. Thank you!

Hi, the new master works fine for activating the module. With my modifications it compiles and I currently reuse the classes from CamBoard as I would asume that they are not only equal by name (but also by implementation hopefully).
A camboard factory and a device is shown in the gui but I don't yet see images.

Is there a description which plugin to use how to show images and maybe a surface as well?

just saw, that m_SourcePlugin = MITK_TOF_PMDCAMBOARD_SOURCE_PLUGIN; refers to a #define MITK_TOF_PMDCAMBOARD_SOURCE_PLUGIN "camboardnano.W64.pap" so that in my case the wight file won't be chosen. So I will have to write my own class.

Hi Ingmar,

which view are you using? In your case you won't need the ToFDeviceFactory. The data should be playable in ToFUtil.


Yes, I see. Ok, I use the TOFUtils plugin, choose the created entry in the "TOF camera connection", click on Connect button and a popup come up asking if I want to specify my own camera intrinsics. (???) This is probably for camera calibration (is there a plugin for that?).
Two new nodes appear in DataManager but I don't see anything. Tests of the camera with LightVis works. How to proceed / debug?

Hi Ingmar,

we only have internal plugins for calibration. We can talk about giving you access to these, but that's not your main issue right now. The intrinsic parameters are for surface generation and can also be obtained via open source calibration tools like the Matlab calibration toolbox or open cv.

Which data nodes appear? Did you define properties for your device in your device factory (header)? Here is an example of the kinect:

device->SetBoolProperty("HasRGBImage", true);
device->SetBoolProperty("HasAmplitudeImage", false);
device->SetBoolProperty("HasIntensityImage", false);
device->SetBoolProperty("KinectReconstructionMode", true);

I assume the cam board nano provides amplitude and intensity data, but no RGB data. You can ignore the reconstruction mode for now.

Could you double-check resolution of the data nodes and compare with the resolution of the cam board nano? Maybe that's the issue. The correct values can be set in the controller.

Passing to Ingmar, as he was working on this.

Didn't do anything since then as I dind't have resources for it. Hardware is here but no time!

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