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Properties View: Color Selector won't show up in case the color is double clicked.
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In Plugin "Properties" the regular color selector won't show up on double click on property "color". Instead a hex value can be defined that specifies the color. On right click on a node in DataManager and choosing "color" the dialog "change color" opens up. Both should be consistend or at least I don't see a reason why to specify the color in hex in properties view. A bug fix would be very nice here.

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Until this bug gets fixed, you can also enter standard color names like red, fuchsia, or limegreen into the properties view for colors.

This is annoying but not as easy to fix as it seems since there are a few Qt related bugs which need to be addressed/worked around. Anyway, should be fixed and I'll have a look at this. Probably won't make it into the upcoming release though.

Changed bug to feature request.

User kislinsk has pushed new remote branch:


[5cfc0f]: Merge branch 'bug-17575-ColorPropertyEditor'

Merged commits:

2015-07-22 16:44:22 Stefan Kislinskiy [9a8bb9]
Implemented color property editor with possibility to open color dialog.

We should check if it looks like expected on MacOSX and Linux as well.

User kislinsk has pushed new remote branch:


[837416]: Merge branch 'bug-17575-OpenColorDialogOnTopOfAppWindow'

Merged commits:

2015-07-24 03:13:53 Stefan Kislinskiy [772e7d]
Set initial focus of color widget to its line edit.

2015-07-24 02:47:29 Stefan Kislinskiy [f0a7fa]
Open color dialog on top of application window.