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Geometry3D::SetFloatBounds(double...) to Geometry3D::SetDoubleBounds()
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I just saw, that there is a method in mitkGeometry3d that is called SetFloatBounds(double...). Ther already is a method SetBounds that takes a BoundsArrayType and a method SetFloatBounds(float...) so I would assume, that the mentioned method should be called SetDoubleBounds(double...). Documentation also says "Sets the bounds array via a double array).

Otherwise an overloaded SetBounds(float...) and SetBounds(double...) would make sense, right?

So a minor-easy-and-quick-to-fix-at-Bugsquashing-Party-bug, I hope. ;)


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The SetFloatBounds function was removed when introducing the new geometry concept. The bounds can only be set using double values. If you need floats, you'll have to typecast it.

no, I didn't need it, I only saw it and the api didn't make sense in the old way. If the method (float) is now gone it makes sense again...

;) Thanks alot,