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Measurement interaction is active while scrolling and switching to another layer
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You want to measure a distance in an image. You select the line tool. You set the first point but then you figure out that you want to measure in the next layer because on this layer the landmark is not clear... So you scroll to the wanted layer. But now you cannot draw a line because it is greyed out.

So what happened is that the measurement tool is still active on the previous layer. That is also why the user cannot create a new measurement.

Either blocking the changing to another layer or removing unfinished measurements when changing.

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As far as I know this was already discussed and the current behavior is intended (by Mint?). Adding M. Engel to CC.

Well, we actually do block scrolling through slices while creating a PlanarFigure.

If you wanted to draw the line on another slice after you have already started placing the figure, you would have to abort the current measurement and start over on the new slice.

In my opinion, the biggest problem here is that the interaction for creating PlanarFigures is managed in the Measurement-View ( or whatever it's called these days) while scrolling is managed somewhere completely different.

I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure how the architecture is right now, but that's something that should be figured out correctly..
This issue comes up every time when you add/remove interactors in the view but do not take care of the default-interaction..

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