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[awesome icons] Wrong icon in "Remove all data?" dialog (close project)
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I would really like to see this reproduced on some other machine. So far I have only seen this happen on Stefans.

Confirmed on Mac OS X 10.9, Qt 4.8.6.

See attached screenshot (the Close project pop-up window). The same holds for the 'Quit' entry in the File Menu.

Exactly the same icon? Does it happen for the tango icon set as well?

As an aside note, a "folder" icon should also be added for the Qt file dialog

So far I have not managed to reproduce this issue on either windows or linux. You are both using Qt 4.8.6 ? Does the issue appear in Release and Debug?

Wy windows is using 4.8.1

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and could not reproduce this behaviour. It worked properly.

I am not sure that this is an OSX bug, Stefan originally reported it on windows.

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