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IGT Navigation Data Player crashes while reinitializing the tool
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To reproduce this bug simply load a recorded xml file from the data repository, play it and reinit the tool inside the data manager.

I tried it with the attached file.

You can also check the following bug:

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This bug only occurs on Martin Klemm's system (Ubuntu 14.04 with ClassicGnome, i7, GeForce GTX 465/PCIe/SSE2).
Tested it on two other Linux PCs and one Windows PC.
The error occurs in mitkSlicedGeometry3D::PreSetSpacing() when the spacing is checked for being positive. It is not positive because the geometry, the spacing is calculated from, holds a zero matrix. We could not figure out where the geometry comes from.
The sphere object, that holds the geometry (most probably) is created in QmitkNavigationDataPlayerView::CreatePipeline().

The problem was that tinyXML read the values from the logfile in a wrong way because the locale of the system was set to German. TinyXML expected commas but got points. Then it cut the string before the point and therefore returned wrong values. After changing the system locale to English the error did not occur anymore.

Proposed solution is to make sure that Reader/Writer set the locale to English.

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User klemmm has pushed new remote branch:


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Only use branch ...V2, as the others let some tests fail.