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NavigationDataTest fails on continous dart client
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franza added a subscriber: franza.Oct 20 2014, 5:50 PM

[1ac857]: Merge branch 'bug-18306-FailedTest'

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2014-10-20 17:42:52 Alfred Franz [b2f961]
COMP: Commented out test on dashboard until fix

User franza has pushed new remote branch:


[0f5c52]: Merge branch 'bug-18306-NavigationDataTest'

Merged commits:

2014-10-21 16:57:43 Alfred Franz [ed7f33]
activated test again, but commented out method which fails on MAC continuous dart client

Updating target milestone.

TODO: check why the method is failing on MAC machines.

This bug could not be fixed during the 2015.05 release.
Setting target_milestone to AfterNextRelease

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