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Loading two images with very different dimensions leads to crash
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First open one of the attached images.
Then open the other attached image.
MITK crashes.

Probably this is due to the radically different sizes of the images:
2456x2058x1 vs 595253x1x1

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Could not attach images because they are to big. Droped them in E130-Daten/Bilddaten/Bugs Testdata/T18332

call stack of crash

What in gods name do you intend to do with such a pixel pole? =)

This is crashing due to VTK trying to reserve a whopping 100 GB of RAM, which obviously is not possible. We believe that this is due to the fact that the ImageReslicer tries to generate an image with reconciled coordinates, resulting in a gigantic volume that floods the RAM.

I am reducing the importance to medium to reflect the very special nature of the images. Further proceeding should be decided on in the MITK Meeting.

Warning to windows users: Do not attempt to modify the origin of the images so that they do not overlap. Your PC will swap itself into oblivion and freeze.

As discussed previously, this will probably require Discussion in the MITK-Meeting. I'm back-assigning this and I'm setting the target milestone to unspecified: To be solved when the circumstances require it.

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