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hot spots in statistics do not work
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for any image compute the statistics,
then scroll down until you see the hotspot Peak,
they are always zero and at position (0,0,0).

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furthermore the Min/Max positions are not computed when no Mask is selected
and max is set to default a 2d position (0,0) while min defaults to a 3d position (0,0,0)

We did not know what the expected behaviour is exactly. But in mitkImageStatisticsCalculator the following lines look suspicious:

for (unsigned int i=0; i<statistics.GetMaxIndex().size(); i++)
  tmpMaxIndex[i] = minMaxFilter->GetIndexOfMaximum()[i];
  tmpMinIndex[i] = minMaxFilter->GetIndexOfMinimum()[i];


if( IsHotspotCalculated() && VImageDimension == 3 )

Especially line 1044: statistics.SetMinIndex(tmpMaxIndex); could be wrong.

information from a duplicate bug:

Eric Heim 2014-10-22 16:45:35 CEST

By clicking on the min/max entry in the image statistics table, the crosshair should move to the pixel with the min/max value. This does only work when a planar figure is set. The ImageStatisticsCalculator only calculates the indizes when a planar figure is set.

User kislinsk has pushed new remote branch:


[f8c67c]: Merge branch 'bug-18340-RemoveHotspotStatisticsFromViewUntilTheyWork'

Merged commits:

2015-04-17 14:53:42 Stefan Kislinskiy [c05805]
Removed Hotspot statistics from View until they work.

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Min/Max positions work as expected, also clicking on entry results in navigating there