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Update Qwt to 6.1.2 to be compatible to Qt 5.4
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Found in the Qwt mailing list:

it seems that QT_STATIC_CONST got removed from qglobal.h
I noticed when updating to Qt 5.4).
The only place this still is in use in Qwt appears to be src/qwt_transform.h.

Fixed in SVN + I will have to do a Qwt 6.1.2 release, when Qt 5.4 has
been released.

Thanks for reporting,

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Added patch to make our current Qwt compile with Qt 5.4

Will add a custom build step for Qwt to patch automatically.

User kislinsk has pushed new remote branch:


User kislinsk has pushed new remote branch:


[c673fd]: Merge branch 'bug-18501-Qwt610Qt54'

Merged commits:

2014-12-19 13:45:21 Stefan Kislinskiy [e29961]
Made Qwt compatible to latest Qt version.