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Workbench not responding after selecting "ignore zero-valued voxels" in Statistics view
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The workbench is not responding after statistics calculation with option "ignore zero-valued voxels" has been executed. The statistics seems to be calculated correctly.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Statistics view
  • Select option "ignore zero-valued voxels"
  • Load the attached image
  • Select the image in Data Manager (statistics are calculated)
  • Try to interact with UI

Event Timeline

This bug is not present in 2014.03 but occurs in 2014.10.
I'm still trying to find the differences ...

Statistics calculation thread terminates successfully.

Call stack after calculating statistics:

  • QmitkImageStatisticsView::WriteStatisticsToGUI
  • QmitkImageStatisticsView::FillStatisticsTableView
  • QmitkImageStatisticsView::OnTimeChanged

Call to method ComputeHistogram in file QmitkImageStatisticsView.cpp (line 164) does not return.

false bin size calculation for histogram

wrong size is passed to itkHistogram initialization in itkHistogram.hxx

completely out of range bin size value becomes 100.000

itkHistogram initialization get called multiple times?

new presumption:

  • false initialization of a parameter required for bin calculation

suspected bug location:

file: mitkImageStatisticsCalculator.cpp

  • initially MASKING_MODE_NONE is selected
  • interesting section:

l.795 if(m_DoIgnorePixelValue)

m_DoIgnorePixelValue == true and MASKING_MODE_NONE leads to whole image becomes mask.
Why is that the case if no masking mode is required?

  • TO DO check function:

l. 1266 int numberOfBins = calcNumberOfBins(statisticsFilter->GetMinimum(), statisticsFilter->GetMaximum());

inside function:
template < typename TPixel, unsigned int VImageDimension > void ImageStatisticsCalculator::InternalCalculateStatisticsMasked(...)

Lowered importance as only special images seem to be affected.

[56c29c]: Merge branch 'bug-18529-statistics-bin-size-calc'

Merged commits:

2015-03-18 16:25:09 Vincent Reuter [6c52c2]
fixed bug for bin size calculation

[cd8433]: Merge branch 'bug-18529-image-statistics-compfix'

Merged commits:

2015-03-20 13:36:24 Vincent Reuter [ef4e3d]
COMP fixed with static_cast