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DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE overwritten by BlueBerryConfig.cmake for projects using MITK as external lib
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while generating my external mitk based application I had problems to let BLUEBERRY_USE_QT_HELP stay on while using a doxygen executable that is placed in a different folder compared to the mitk build.

In BlueBerryConfig.cmake generated by BlueBerry/ the cmake variable DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE is overwritten in case it was defined before.

or generated:
set(DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE "C:/Programs/doxygen_1.8.7/doxygen.exe")

External projects that define the variable DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE before calling find_package(mitk) in order to set it to a different location or even version should be allowed to do that. should be changed to call (ln 16):


to make it possible to define the variable first and then not to overwriting it.

I will create a branch in my Github fork in case it is interesting for others.

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Thank you, Ingmar! Sorry, just fell over this bug today as I clean up the 2015-03 bugs.

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