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Python does not build with the MITK CMake modernization
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With QT5 and the modernization of the cmake buildsystem python has several errors during the build process.

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  • OpenCV
  • Python build by MITK
  • Installer
  • Windows

When using the build in python run time that is build during the superbuild process the following error occurs while starting MitkPython: ImportError: No module named site

The build in Python only works in release mode, since in debug "d" is added at the end of every library and the runtime can't load them. SimpleITK is build against the system numpy and not against the one from the build in python. This results in the following error:

RuntimeError: module compiled against API version 6 but this version of numpy is 4
ImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import

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Currently we fixed the build and unit tests for all system and ported the UI to QT 5, but Qt5 builds are not supported at the moment. The new PythonQt project that supports Qt5 has no cmake build system, and can't be integrated into the CTK Superbuild at the moment. All necessary changes to support the new PythonQt were already added into CTK.

[307a50]: Merge branch 'bug-18748-python-qt5-intergration'

Merged commits:

2015-04-15 16:07:38 Michael Brehler [22b6a1]
clariffication of documentation

2015-04-15 15:40:40 Michael Brehler [a21efd]
documentation for python module and plugin enhanced

2015-04-15 14:32:56 Eric Heim [201b5c]
added documentation on how to build Python with qt5

2015-04-13 10:39:00 Eric Heim [d4d31d]
Added comments

2015-04-10 13:36:04 Eric Heim [345e98]
fixedmerge error

2015-04-10 13:33:24 Eric Heim [bf75cf]
Merge branch 'bug-18748-python-qt5' into bug-18748-python-qt5-intergration


2015-04-09 16:37:55 Michael Brehler [4bd560]
fixed paths for installer

2015-04-09 15:14:49 Michael Brehler [00fb47]

2015-04-09 14:01:22 Michael Brehler [32518e]
moved python install dir on windows

2015-04-09 10:47:08 Michael Brehler [0b2a46]
added PythonQt libary search path

2015-04-08 14:32:26 Eric Heim [6a6d89]
added userbase for simple itk non system python installations

2015-04-08 14:19:33 Michael Brehler [11d3f2]
fixed msvc compiler issues

2015-04-07 10:56:30 Eric Heim [2f8e10]
re-enabled dicom rt and dicom ui

2015-03-26 13:32:37 Eric Heim [27a37d]
added quiet option on numpy build to hopefully supress the configure steps as errors in visual studio

2015-03-25 14:45:21 Jonas Cordes [660f53]
fix typo, force MITK_USE_SimpleITK

2015-03-25 14:33:44 Jonas Cordes [ae429d]
enable SimpleITK package deps on APPLE

2015-03-18 17:54:42 Eric Heim [5bd684]
fixed python installer forlinux

2015-03-18 14:26:03 Eric Heim [99ad59]
fixed numpy include dir and package depends

2015-03-03 10:11:47 Eric Heim [b28272]
fixed missing site packages when using the build in runtime

2015-02-26 16:01:58 Eric Heim [1d4c69]
set python versions according to MITK versions in internal python build

2015-02-25 17:49:20 Eric Heim [54597e]
add dist-packages folder to the runtime search paths for the OpenCV install

2015-02-25 16:53:25 Eric Heim [821bfd]
remove debug print message

2015-02-25 16:52:13 Eric Heim [95850b]
install vtk python libraries to correct ep path

2015-02-25 16:09:42 Eric Heim [f207ee]
fixed SimpleITK python. Installing it into ep directory structure

2015-02-18 17:00:02 Eric Heim [52efd2]
Moved from QtGui header to qt5 compatible includes