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Replace screenshots in MITK help (2)
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Some screenshots in MITK help need to be updated. Some new screenshots are already available, see T19416, others remain to be done.

The following ones we couldn't do because they were so old, that the text needs to be changed or that we couldn't make the scene that was shown.
So first the Dicom Plugin, this is now completely different, that means there are for example only three Dicom Plugin Controls instead of four, so the whole text and almost all screenshots need to be changed.
Then the Registration Plugin, this is a very old version, with pictures from the year 2009.
Next the View Navigator, here are many changes and the text needs to be changed too.
Finally the Segmentation Plugin, there all the screenshots were okay, but the two last ones, at the Surface Masking, have to be changed and we couldnŽt reproduce the screenshots.

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