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WebEngine hangs when loaded in a plugin with AMD Radeon display adapter
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From an email of Mikhail:

I've fixed mysterious qt issue with QLibrary load
this bug:
is very actual for 10 may Qt 5.6.1 build and nvidia on windows
to resolve this I've made what issue creator suggested and it's really helped me
Just adding QOpengl context initialization to MitkCoreApplication magically resolves it, without this patch MITK won't start for me.

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The same issue was freezing the workbench in my nvidia hardware with Qt 5.6.0. I've added the following lines to main():


// Force QOpenGL context initialization
QOpenGLContext context;

And it solved the issue. This is reported as solved in Qt 5.6.1 but I haven't had the change to test it.

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This should be solved meanwhile.