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No version number in MainApp?
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Tried to find the version number in the MainApp to correctly report another bug, could not find it. Wouldn't it be sensible to insert something like an about dialog? Or display the version number in the title bar with the build date?

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Yes, we definitely need something like that. We'll find somebody to do this.

Sascha, you probably know the right place to implement this. Could you describe this and make it a party bug?

The purpose is either

  • to add an about dialog with some information about the application and its version(s)
  • to add the SVN revision number in the titlebar of the application

Both points are reasonable and should be implemented soon. I will add the version number in the title for a start.

[SVN revision 19902]
FIX (#2055): simple solution to add the version number of MITK and the most important toolkits to the titlebar; at least for the Mitk3M3 application

Sascha, there would be a better place to put the code from my recent commit, feel free to move it. I guess this helps for 3M testing

[SVN revision 19903]
FIX (#2055): test a differnt keyword

[SVN revision 19904]
FIX (#2055): test a differnt keyword

[SVN revision 19936]
ENH (#2055): setting the title now in QmitkExtAppWorkbenchAdvisor

The application window title now shows a lot of information (including the SVN revision number and toolkit versions). Closing bug.

The svn version number is the revision of the QmitkExtAppWorkbenchAdvisor.cpp file, not the whole repository.

[SVN revision 20251]
FIX (#2055): generate SVN revision info in mitkVersion.h, use this for window title