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Use Qt's windeployqt.exe to deploy Qt instead of our current install rules
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Surprisingly, Qt has its own deploy tool for Windows located in the respective bin folder. As it is complete in contrast to our Qt install rules, we should use this tool instead.

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Slightly off topic we might want to support the qt installation framework via

goch added a comment.EditedOct 5 2017, 5:28 PM

Pushed new branch T22118-create-Qt-installer.

This branch is a test for the Qt installer framework. Please note, that it requires you to manually edit the version (as mentioned in the commit message) from 2016.11.99_hash to 2016.11.99 as the installer framework seems to be unable to handle non number versions.

Furthermore It works for me (Windows) only up to a


directory size of roughly 350 MB. Below works without a hitch, above results in

Caught exception: Cannot create archive "TEMPDIR\binarycreator-l9Mfi9\MITK\2016.11.99bin.7z": not enough memory

The following windeplyqt call seems to work on our globbed installer binary after deleting most/all of the Qt stuff

windeployqt.exe --plugindir bin\plugins -opengl bin\MitkWorkbench.exe bin\plugins

without the -opengl flag it fails to copy Qt5OpenGL.dll, with only MitkWorkbench it only copies Qt5Core.dll. However it also copies quite a bit of stuff we do not currently seem to need, taken the installer directory size from (without the redistributable it also copies) 357 MB to 383 MB.

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