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Fill/erase tool in segmentation plugin doesn't work with strg
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According to the checklist, the fill/erase tool should add or erase the whole slice if strg is pressed.
I used the add tool to segment some areas. Then I tested the fill tool to fill holes. That works. Then I pressed Strg and clicked randomly in some slices. Nothing happened.

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goch added a subscriber: goch.

I wasn't even aware of that functionality. I can confirm the interaction STRG+Leftclick doing nothing for both tools. However, this functionality can more or less be recreated by just clicking on an empty area within the slice.

kalali added a subscriber: kalali.

The checklist does not state anything about "STRG" with regards to the Fill / Erase tool (anymore?).
The code also does not give any hint that a "STRG"-interaction can be used.
I will close this as invalid, as the tools work as expected.