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Not all context menu actions of a data manager node do work
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Actual behavior:
Selecting some right-click context menu action of a data node in the datamanger does not perform any action or leads to a crash of the MITK workbench.

Some do not work, because the datamanager has not been set before (e.g. QmitkCreateMultiLabelSegmentationAction, QmitkConvertToMultiLabelSegmentationAction).
QmitkStatisticsAction does not work, because it doesn't exist anymore.

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Should be fixed with T20196. However, QmitkStatisticsAction seems to be superfluous here.

Could you check whether this still happens? I can not reproduce any behaviour that would fit with what you describe, however I am still somewhat unclear on what you actually did.

As I wrote, this happened on an old master and was already taken care of with the above mentioned task by Stefan. Still the 'QmitkStatisticsAction' is checked in the 'QmitkDataManagerView'-class, although the 'QmitkStatisticsAction' does not exist anymore?

goch claimed this task.
goch moved this task from Focus Tasks to Backlog on the MITK (2016-11) board.

The original issue was resolved, keep an eye on T22435: QmitkDataManager checks for deprecated QmitkStatisticsAction for the QmitkStatisticsAction fix.