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Feature / Update : Sofa v16.12 to replace the old bundled version.
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In the beginning of the year, Camille Krewcun wanted to use a more recent version of Sofa than the one bundled. Stefan Dinkelacker also said he was interested by this update.
Corresponding discussion :

When I started working on it, Sofa v16.12 was the lastest available, and is the one used in our MITK fork. Current version (v17.06.01) should be compatible with little to no changes, as the biggest changes were introduced prior to v15.03.

Camille changed all pathes in #include's directives (Patch 1), I updated MITK Superbuild system to use Sofa v16.12 from their GitHub.

This patch was tested successfuly on :

  • Windows 8.1, CMake 3.7.0, Visual Studio 2015 U3,
  • Windows 7, CMake 3.8.2, Visual Studio 2013 U5,
  • Fedora 25, GCC 6.0, CMake 3.9.0 and Make.

    Patches :

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menguy updated the task description. (Show Details)

SOFA support and MITK Simulation had to be removed as part of T18922: Change VTK rendering backend to OpenGL2. It would be good to have it back.
I am not completely aware of all the issues forcing the removal and @kislinsk is out of office for the next two months, so we might take a bit of time integrating and verifying your changes.

goch triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Sep 7 2017, 4:24 PM

Thank you very much from my side as well. As Caspar said, I'm out of office until November, so it'll take a while until something is happening from our side in this task. I recently removed MitkSimulation/SOFA integration as we upgraded our VTK rendering backend, which isn't compatible anymore to fixed-function OpenGL calls made by SOFA. I didn't have a look to more recent versions of SOFA but until they had a major overhaul of their rendering, a new implementation of MitkSimulation will be troublesome. Anyway I'm motivated to find a solution, just give us some time.

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Hi there! 🙂

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Best wishes,
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