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Rigid registration of short vector images does not work
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Error while registering data. Details: Pixel type short or pixel type unsigned_short is not in ((int,3))(( unsigned int,3))(( short,3))(( unsigned short,3))(( char,3))(( unsigned char,3))((double,3))(( float,3))

Used algorithm: Euler3DMSAlgorithm (but I guess others have the problem too)

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neher created this task.Oct 4 2017, 10:44 AM
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floca added a comment.Oct 4 2017, 1:23 PM

Currently the algorithmes and the MatchPoint plugin (only support scalar pixel types).

We had prototypical mapping support for diffusion images. But we didn't bring it live, because at this point everything was covered by the plugins Jan developed.

If there is a need we can discuss the support and a possible roadmap to realize it.
Mapping support would be quite simple (at least for rigid registrations; don't know how one would correct the gradient vectors with deformabled vector fields).
Registration algorithms would need a bit more work and/or integration of Jans work (wrapping for matchpoint) it.

neher added a comment.Oct 4 2017, 1:32 PM

Ok, let's discuss this next time you are in the office. I think Jan has no plugin for image to image registration, only for intra-image dMRI registraion, aka head-motion correction.