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Define events for sychronized display interaction
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Events should allow to accept a lambda function, that is processed with the event.
Those events should minimize the necessary checks inside the lambda function (filter sender, etc.).

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The task description is not valid anymore. A command-approach is used to connect std::functions that should be executed on a specific event.
The events are used to define on which invoked event the command should be used (execute its std::functions).

DisplayActionEvents are a subclass of itk::AnyEvent. They are further subclassed to provide methods for getting and setting event-specific properties (e.g. zoom factor).
The events are invoked by the DisplayActionEventBroadcast-class to inform the observer about a certain event.
The DisplayActionEventHandler-class can be used to set a command as an observer of a display action event. Such a command can contain a filter function and an action function which is used to check a condition and execute an action if the event was received.

The implementation is contained in T23760-Custom-multi-widget-editor (see mitkDisplayActionEvents.h; see mitkDisplayActionEventBroadcast.cpp and mitkDisplayActionEventFunctions.cpp for usage).