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ModelFit visualization bug?
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Ensure that the ModelFit visualization is correct for cropped images.
The first timestep is marked correctly in the fitting window, the last step is marked too early.
This may only be a visualization bug as the TimeGeometry is taken from the original image instead of the cropped image

See also screenshots:

Screenshot_FIT.PNG (920×529 px, 28 KB)

Screenshot_FIT_2.PNG (916×524 px, 27 KB)

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  1. Was the fit done on the cropped image?
  2. Was the reinit done
    1. globally?
    2. for the cropped image?
    3. for the original image?

Depending on the answers it is a plausible behavior or a bug.

  1. The fit was done on the cropped image
  2. the reinit was done for the cropped image

As soon as the original data is deleted (and only the cropped image remains), the visualization is correct

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