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Protocol Medical Decathlon Milestone 2 Meeting
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"Expert solution results" on the leaderboard:

  • only Jens has his results on the leaderboard right now.
  • all the others are in progress.


  • Expert solutions have to be finished as quick as possible.
  • Literatur-research for each dataset


  • Brain (Fabian)
  • Heart (Fabian+?)
  • Liver (Gregor)
  • Hippocampus (Jakob)
  • Prostate (Simon)
  • Lung - Task6 (Paul)
  • Pancreas (André, David)

Next Meeting should be very soon: Expert-solutions should be ready by Friday. We meet on Friday at 1 pm.

Report Fabian: @isensee : Das ging mir zu schnell zum mittippen, kannst du hier ganz kurz eine Zusammenfassung geben.

  • UNet, leaky-Relu, batch-dice w/ oversampling of non-background classes


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