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MatchPoint build errors
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I tried building beta and master on:

  • Windows 10 + VS 2017 (15.8.0, freshly installed yesterday)
  • cmake 3.10 and cmake 3.12
  • Qt 5.11.1

with Vigra, MatchPoint, all_apps, all_plugins checked in cmake. I always get

4>-- configuring Module MAPITK...
4>-- MatchPoint uses system GDCM instead of ITK distribution.
4>-- MatchPoint uses system HDF5 instead of ITK distribution.
4>-- Could NOT find HDF5 (missing: HDF5_LIBRARIES HDF5_INCLUDE_DIRS) (found version "1.8.17")
4>...\mitk_2018.04\ep\include\itk-4.13\itkresampleimagefilter.hxx(286): fatal error C1001: Une erreur interne s'est produite dans le compilateur. [...\MITK_2018.04\ep\src\MatchPoint-build\Applications\Mapper\mapR.vcxproj]

The french part means something like "An internal error happened in the compiler". The first part doesn't seem to be a fatal error; it's simply telling me that there's something missing but it found the version anyway?!? I tested building HDF5 but there's no error, it just works.

Have you seen this error before?

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Sigh. I tried on my personal computer and it worked... The only difference is my VS version (15.7.4). I still see the Could NOT find HDF5 errors but it seems they are unimportant. If nobody has seen this "internal error", then maybe my setup is broken fo real.

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Internal compiler errors are usually really errors/bugs in the compiler. Didn't built with 15.8 so far but I'll update my compiler this week.

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A colleague just told me that there was a second update this week that fixed the internal compiler error. However, we have a CMake script that assembles some variables related to the Visual Studio version, which needs to be updated rather often. 15.8 is missing. I will have a look at this file and try to come up with something generic, future-proof.

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Oops, he confused ITK with SimpleITK. The latter still leads to an internal compiler error. I recommend to downgrade to 15.7.x or to change the build configuration to custom and switch off Python, Numpy, and SimpleITK.

I can confirm an internal compiler error when building with Visual Studio 15.8.0 and 15.8.1 (I updated today). Python, Numpy, and SimpleITK were not enabled in my case.

ErrorC1001An internal error has occurred in the compiler. [...\MITK-build\Modules\DICOMReader\MitkDICOMReader.vcxproj]MITK-build...\ep\include\itk-4.13\itkresampleimagefilter.hxx286

Yes, ITK and MatchPoint are affected. Both make heavy use of templates which seems to break the new compiler. Did you send an error report? If it wasn't offered, it can be set with a compile option:

You can also try to disable global optimizations with a compiler switch and see if if helps (for example, CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS are propagated also to external dependencies).

I already downgraded to 15.7.6, sorry! But I still have the error prompt in case that helps. Maybe @aguilera still has 15.8.0 installed and can test the proposed solution?

I can confirm that in version 15.8.1 this is also happening in Debug, without any global optimization. I have already reported this, hope they will fix it soon.