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OpenCV example (view VideoPlayer, org.mitk.examples.gui.opencv) is not functional any more.
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If start playing video from a grabbing device (MITK v2018.04-beta), nothing happens. I already checked the update loop / timer, which runs correctly. Maybe the background rendering doesn't work any more. This might be a hint that some classes providing this features (e.g. QmitkVideoBackground) are also not functional any more. Do we still need this example?

We can also add a simpler example, a open CV video can be visualized with a few lines of code. I would propose to add such a simple example or even replace the current one.

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franza triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 3 2018, 3:58 PM
franza created this task.

What is the current status on this task? Is the new example already integrated in the master or one of the release branches?

The simple example worked, sorry for never merging it. I will test it on a current master and decide on this task as soon as possible.

T25608-SimpleOpenCVExample can be merged without problems to the current develop (2020-07-08 / 1640525aa59e1dcd48eefabb58afc9e4e6d1af81) and works.

Another question would be if we then want to remove the view VideoPlayer from org.mitk.examples.gui.opencv as it is not functional anymore. I had a look on it and it seems as the classes for rendering to the MITK background do not work, so we might want to eigther fix them or remove them as well.