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Segmentation cannot be display when more than one segmetation-raw-image-pair is in Data Manager
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Dear MITK-Team,

I'm working with the latest MITK 2018-04 release on Ubuntu 16.04.

This bug seems to be related to T25760.

When I add a second pair of image-and-corresponding-segmentation into the Data Loader, I am not able to see the segmentation (which I created from the segmentation file by: right click -> convert into segmentation) overlaying the corresponding image. It seems to be hidden behind that image although the order in the Data Manager suggests the opposite.

Reproduce this bug:

  1. load patient image and corresponding segmentation
  2. right click on segmentation -> convert to segmentation
  3. make any change to segmentation (otherwise the bug will not appear)
  4. load second image and corresponding segmentation
  5. right click on segmentation -> convert to segmentation
  6. uncheck all files in the data manager except for the newly converted segmentation (step 5) and the latest image added to the data manager (step 4) -> you would expect to see the segmentation maps overlaying the image. But the segmentation map is not visible


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Guess what, cannot reproduce this... :/

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