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Github pull request 232 (Tiny refactoring of mitkBoundingShapeVtkMapper2d.cpp)
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Fixes flickering behavior of Image Cropper on most MR images for example.

Previous version was flickering a lot unless the bbox was world axes aligned.

For debugging I renamed some variables from a/b/c/result_x to something more expressive and improved one calculation. Now it is less sensitive when a cube is not perfectly world-axes aligned.

Could be integrated into release branch and master.

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maleike created this task.Wed, Mar 13, 12:36 PM
kislinsk edited projects, added MITK; removed MITK (2018-04-2).Wed, Mar 13, 4:00 PM
kislinsk added a subscriber: kislinsk.

Sorry, this was too close to the MITK 2018.04.2 release to be considered to be part of the bugfix release.