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Logging of absolute time stamps is not possible
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When navigation data is logged via the IGT Tracking Toolbox, only the relative elapsed time is written to the log file. From the log file itself, the reference point in time is not clear.

By default, the elapsed time since the start of tracking is logged. The NavigationDataRecorder contains a flag (m_StandardizeTime) to control whether the elapsed time should be logged with respect to the start of logging.

The default elapsed time originates from TrackingDeviceSource::GenerateData() where IGTTimeStamp::GetInstance()->GetElapsed() is used. Are there any specific reasons why the current time stamp is not used (e.g. Unix time stamp that can then be converted to a human-readable date)?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open IGT Tracking Toolbox
  • Select Virtual Tracker
  • Add Single Tool
  • Connect and start tracking
  • Switch to Logging tab
  • Enable Limit Number Of Logged Frames
  • Click Start Logging

--> The first column of the CSV file contains the elapsed time

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