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org.mitk.gui.qt.segmentation should send openCherry selection events for segmentations
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The bundle should select a new segmentation when it is created by either explicitely creating a new empty segmentation or when a (semi-)automatic tool creates a new segmentation. both the original image (reference image) and the new segmentation should be highlighted in datamanger automatically.

Sascha knows how to send such events. There should also be enough example code in DataManager to implement a selection as described above.

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[SVN revision 19711]
ENH (#2707): add a view internal method that can be called to select items in data manager -- not functional yet

Sascha, could you take a look at this? I have implemented a method that is called whenever I want to change a selection, but I am not sure how to implement cherry::ISelectionProvider (as mentioned in the wiki page about selections).

This afternoon, I'm in DFKZ, perhaps we can discuss this then.

Okay, I'll have a look at it.

Assigning bug to Daniel, because it is his bundle.

Sabrina, can you please set the active assignee flag?

next commit:
implemented selection provider for segmentation view,

though datamanager seems not to react to the selection change,
see T2754

[SVN revision 19923]
ENH (#2707): implemented selection provider