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Fit CRMO2-model to mean value of ROI
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Tanja Platt and Luise Ebersberger (E020, 7T) would like to fit a CMRO2-model to the resulting mean values of a ROI.

Model given in publications:

  • Atkinson IC, Thulborn KR, Feasibility of mapping the tissue mass corrected bioscale of cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption using 17-oxygen and 23-sodium MR imaging in a human brain at 9.4 T, NeuroImage 51 (2010) 723–733
  • Niesporek SC et al, Reproducibility of CMRO2 Determination Using Dynamic 17O MRI, MRM 79:2923–2934 (2018)

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floca added a comment.May 14 2020, 3:44 PM

Wouldn't that be covered by the RoiBasedFitGenerator together with the CMRO2 Model?