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Perspectives Meta Bug
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Event Timeline

[SVN revision 19612]
ENH (#2716):

  • enhanced IPerspectiveDescriptor to support icons
  • new QtWorkbenchWindow class
  • added QtOpenPerspectiveAction class
  • added a perspective switcher
  • fixed bug which caused the sashes to be invisible after a perspective switch

[SVN revision 19717]
ENH (#2716): enhanced the ShowPerspective methods

Status? Is this really meta? There are no "depends on" bugs yet.

Ahmm, people should probably add their bugs covering the creation of custom 3M perspectives as a dependency on this one.

No one started an own perspective yet, I guess.

[SVN revision 20011]
FIX (#2716): Fixed bug which prevented the layout of standalone views to be saved and restored on application restart.

[SVN revision 20223]
FIX (#2716): default perspective with perspective switcher

[SVN revision 20354]
FIX (#2716): changing to another perspective and detaching a part crashed due to not removed the default drag target. fixed by removing the target instead of adding it again.

[SVN revision 20390]
ENH (#2716): fixes for the intro part

What exactly does the command Window->Close Perspective do?

It should close the current perspective, i.e. close all views contained in it and switch to the previously activated perspective.

This does not work correctly yet... we will probably have to remove the menu entry for 3M.

[SVN revision 20575]
FIX (#2716): use an empty string as parameter when creating a new ContainerPlacehoder in AddStandaloneViewPlaceholder

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