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How to activate the features
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Feb 27 2020, 5:01 PM
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Feb 27 2020, 5:01 PM


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When I want to build a plugin of IGT, the vs tells me that:
CMake Error at D:/Softwares/MITK42/src/CMake/mitkFunctionCreatePlugin.cmake:78 (message):
org_mitk_gui_qt_igtexamples is missing requirements and won't be built.
Missing: MitkIGT;MitkIGTUI;MitkOpenIGTLink;MitkOpenIGTLinkUI;MitkUS

I see the doc says: Plugin IGTNavigation: This plugin holds views of actual navigation system developed with MITK-IGT. DEACTIVATED BECAUSE THERE ARE NO VIEWS FOR THIS PLUGIN AT THE MOMENT
So what should I do to activate the features?
Thank you!

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