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[ImageStatistics] mitkImageStatisticsCalculatorTest fails on some platforms
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CDash shows:

mitkImageStatisticsCalculatorTest Passed 53s 630ms MITK, MITK-Modules

However, when clicking on the mitkImageStatisticsCalculatorTest the result is;

ubuntu-1804 Ubuntu-18.04 Debug DiffusionAll 20200303-0300-Nightly Failed 4.93


Function vnl_vector<T>::vnl_vector(2, T const& px, T const& py) is deprecated.
MitkImageStatisticsTestDriver: /home/ubuntu/dcl1/Build-D-n/ep/src/ITK/Modules/ThirdParty/VNL/src/vxl/core/vnl/vnl_vector.hxx:122: vnl_vector<T>::vnl_vector(size_t, const T&, const T&) [with T = int; size_t = long unsigned int]: Assertion `len==2' failed.

The test also failed on my Windows system.

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Links above do not work anymore. Must be re-checked.

As noted this seems to be a problem only with Ubuntu-18.04 Debug DiffusionAll because of the mentioned error (so the test itself is not wrong for every system). The accumulated test status is passed. I find this an unsatisfying behavior.

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Diffusion still shows this:

And recently I was hit by this on my Fedora client as well:

Current (29.04.2020) MITK master.

Summary seems to work again on CDash, so I will change the task title:

We need specific information of the test failures and if they are the same thing.

Seems the reason this passes on all official clients is Debug vs Release. We currently only test release which ignores asserts. Thus, this should be investigated properly by tracing the problem, Windows and Linux are both affected

Sorry, did not see your claim, was already working on it. Proposed fix in D308

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