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[statistics] Statistics with segmentations are not automatically updated if segmentation is changed.
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In the image statistics view statistics of/with segmentations are not updated if the segmentation is changed.

Reason: Segmentation tools do modify the segmentation image, but the modification of the data does not automatically mark the node as modified. The statistics data generator does listen to node modifications and thus misses the change of the segmentations.
Planar figures have no problem as the planar figure interaction does also modify the node.

It is a question very simelar to T22322: Changing a renderer-specific property list of a data node does not modify the data node, should modifying the data always modify the node?

If yes: this task is automatically solved if the modification is correctly handled (T27307).
If no: What is the proper solution?
a) the generator should register/ observer for all data instances of nodes it should watch?
b) add the node->Modified() somewhere in the segmentation tools or views?

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Discussion result:
For this concrete problem we will mitigate by introducing Modified() calls for the nodes in the tools, simelar to how the planarfigure nodes are modfified by the planarfigure interactor when they are changed.
A more thorough solution as discussed T27307 takes more time and is not realistic for the next release.
Depending T272ß7 it could well be that the workarround can/will be removed at a later point.

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