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Global Reinit behaviour
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@Markus: please describe the problem

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the original "global reinit" function should be split into two separate methods:

a "global redimension" which should update dimemsions (the world size) only, but not reposition camera.

a "camera reset" which should reset the camera to the center of world.

but for the 3m-release we have a feature-freeze,
so let revert for that release (only?) to the original behavior in old mitk, by doing a globalreinit after each time a new data object is loaded.

seems, that old mitk behaviour is already enabled in current source tree and this "bug" already fixed

in both classes


a global reinit is done after loading a data object

reopened, there was a small glitch at that existing global-reinit after load, it did not ignore the 2d-widget-planes and so never became smaller.
following commit fixes this

[SVN revision 20119]
FIX (#2743): fixed global reinit to ignore widget-planes