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DataManager must listen to selection events and adapt its selection
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This feature is implemented but untested.
The DataManager should use the openCherry selection service as well

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Adding Sabrina and me to the CC list.

Looks like Michi implemented this already, so your custom selection provider should be able to change the datamanager selection.

is implemented, please test and give feedback

We implemented the selection provider for the segmentation bundle now,
and he should send the new selection,

how to test:

  • open segmentation view
  • select ct image
  • click new segmentation, choose name

a new binary image appears in the datamanager,
and a new selection changed event is sent to the listeners,

but the datamanager (or at least his view) seems not to react to it.

Maybe the file loading should trigger an selection event. currently, it is annoying that you load an image but cant work with it until you manually select it in the data manager - even if it is the only existing data object!

Sorry to reopen this, but could you please check a selection issue related to T2696?

  • use the Segmentation perspective to segment a lymph node
  • QmitkSegmentationView attempts to send a selection event
  • DataManager does not get or does not react on this event

The issue is that the exact same "selection event sending method" is used when creating a new manual segmentation and this this case it works.

closed again. the mitkMeasurementSelectionProvider works fine

Merging "Datamanager" component into ExtApp plugins