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[Documentation] Remove dummy chartExample documentation
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Error FODC0002 in file:///home/ubuntu/jenkins-agent/MITK/Continuous/Ubuntu18.04/build/MITK-build/Plugins/org.mitk.gui.qt.chartExample/documentation/UserManual/html/index.qhp, at line 11, column 14: Opening and ending tag mismatch.
  <section title="ChartExample" ref="index.html">
    <section title="Overview" ref="org_mitk_gui_qt_chartExample.html#org_mitk_gui_qt_chartExampleOverview" />

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kislinsk triaged this task as High priority.Mon, Jul 27, 11:39 AM
kislinsk created this task.
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Moving the table of contents above any imageMacros did not work. Next try is to (temporarily) remove the imageMacros and if it works, look into the imageMacro.

kislinsk added a comment.EditedMon, Jul 27, 12:01 PM

"imageMacro{3}=\image html \1 \2 \n \image latex \1 \2 width=\3cm"

Side note: the imageMacro is defined four times.

  • Documentation/
  • Documentation/
  • Documentation/
  • Documentation/

Okay, two red herrings here:

  • It's probably not related to the imageMacro
  • <toc>...</toc> is also generated in qhp files when there is no \tableofcontents

I think it is probably related to T27563: I noticed that the page id (Manual.dox) is the same as the defgroup id (modules.dox). Both are supposed to be unique, though. I will correct the ids in the documentation and the code and try again...

Deleted branch bugfix/T27607-chartExample-UserManual.

kislinsk closed this task as Resolved.Mon, Jul 27, 1:19 PM

I surrendered and deleted the chartExample documentation as it simply was a copy of the dummy documentation anyway (in other words: no documentation). The Ubuntu and macOS dartclients now complain because of the geometrytools plugin. Hence, the Windows dartclient probably reports a complete list as it continues to generate the documentation.

kislinsk renamed this task from [Documentation] Fix chartExample user manual to [Documentation] Remove dummy chartExample documentation.Mon, Jul 27, 1:20 PM

Deleted branch bugfix/T27607-chartExample-UserManual.