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When missing algorithm performances are added as NAs, task is also NA
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example from #T27252 (besides the problem to be solved there)

    data.frame(alg_name="A1", value=0.8, case="C1"),
    data.frame(alg_name="A1", value=0.8, case="C1"),
    data.frame(alg_name="A2", value=0.6, case="C2"),
    data.frame(alg_name="A2", value=0.6, case="C2")

as.challenge(data, algorithm="alg_name", case="case", value="value", smallBetter=FALSE)

gives as output

Performance of not all algorithms is observed for all cases in task 'dummyTask'. Inserted as missings in following cases:
  alg_name case
1       A1   C2
2       A2   C1
  alg_name case      task value
1       A1   C1 dummyTask   0.8
2       A1   C1 dummyTask   0.8
3       A1   C2      <NA>    NA
4       A2   C1      <NA>    NA
5       A2   C2 dummyTask   0.6
6       A2   C2 dummyTask   0.6

but the task "dummyTask" is artificial. this might be confusing. also in rows 3 and 4 task is empty.
@eisenman you are more into the change of artificial tasks, can you solve this?

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@eisenman could affect tests. please close when finished

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Task is added as NA for both specified task name and dummy task name.