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Documentation feedback received from testers
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Here you can find feedback from Community day.
They were asked to look at the MITK tutorial and give feedback on the tutorial but also some of the plugin documentations.
Furthermore they were asked to go over the general documentation on the webpage.

As planned, our plugin documentation should be finalized next week, so you can ask the community to check your documentation (I am on vacation so I cannot organize anything, but I think it is good opportunity).

Here is the overall feedback we received:

Tutorial and Plugins:


Revisions and Commits

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I would suggest that at least the plugin feedback in the GoogleDocs and the toplevel-> main page /MITKUserManual should be corrected before the Release. The rest should be corrected soon after.

The "url" downloads do not work for me. Slack is telling me that "there is a glitch".

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should work now

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