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Question about source code and executable example app
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This is not a bug, but a question. Was not able to find a forum or mailing list to post this question to.

I downloaded the executable application from the wikipedia page ( and ran it successfully. Works great, no issues.

I'd like to get the source code for this executable to build off of, if possible. I checked out the v2018.04.2 code from;v2018.04.2 and was able to compile it on Ubuntu 18.04 without any issues with Qt 5.12.10. However it seems that a lot of the functionality (measurement, segmentation, etc) in the executable application is not in the binary that is compiled from the v2018.04.2 tag code. Is that by design or am I missing something? Is there another tag that has the code that was used to compile the downloadable executable? If the only path forward is to start building off of the master branch, then I'm ok with doing that but wanted to confirm before starting.

Thank you for this great work!

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