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Informative: Mitk3M relies on ITK review classes
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I just had to recompile ITK because something in ImageStatistics relies on review code from ITK. Is that ok? I guess yes, but perhaps there are arguments against it?

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Is it possible to #ifdef the code? How important is the function? ITK Review ON should not be the default for MITK in general I think. It's not always well tested, the API is not yet stable.

Is it a single class, maybe just a header. Then we could import it in the MITK source tree until it is merged to ITK.

Ok, again to all cc'ed people: please comment!

I'll prepare to switch the continuous client to a NO-ITK-REVIEW version of ITK 3.16 again

Xin imported two filters from ITK Review to our source tree as well. But for us the option of just including them was not viable, as their behaviour was buggy.

continuous clients could be switched to a "normal" ITK any time now. I'll bring this up for discussion in the MITK meeting

ok, continuous clients use an ITK version without review classes now. so far everything seems fine.

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"