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TotalVariationFilter used in BasicImageProcessing is internal
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After removing internal dependencies in Cmake, BasicImageProcessing does not link any more. Clear, because TotalVariationImageFilter is internal.

There was no problem before until I changed this line in CMakeLists.txt:
From: MACRO_CREATE_MITK_PLUGIN(MitkSB MitkSB QmitkExt MitkDiffusionImagingMBI) To: MACRO_CREATE_MITK_PLUGIN(QmitkExt MitkDiffusionImaging)

I will revert these changes for the sake of a green dashboard.

But, Marco: How could the external Continuous DartClient have ever linked against the internal libraries???

Klaus, please have a look at this.

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Okay, bad documentation.
SVN Rev. 19899 (and Rev. 19900) show the problem.

Removing the internal dependencies (in 19899) of BasicImageProcessing (public MITK)lead to a (correct) error:
/QmitkBasicImageProcessingView.cpp:61:51: error: itkTotalVariationDenoisingImageFilter.h: No such file or directory

This is correct because itkTotalVariationDenoisingImageFilter.h is in \mbi-sb\Core\Algorithms.

Windows does not show this error.

No idea how this can work, external dependencies to MitkSB should crash, I would suppose.

I would suggest moving all filters to the public repository. Seven files are affected:


  • itkLocalVariationImageFilter.h
  • itkLocalVariationImageFilter.txx
  • itkTotalVariationDenoisingImageFilter.h
  • itkTotalVariationDenoisingImageFilter.txx
  • itkTotalVariationSingleIterationImageFilter.h
  • itkTotalVariationSingleIterationImageFilter.txx


  • itkTotalVariationDenoisingImageFilterTest.cpp

They should be moved to

mitk/Core/Code/Algorithms and mitk/Core/Code/Testing respectively.

Could you please also open a new bug, that someone submits this filter to ITK?

I am working on this. Code and documentation is all lined up, just need some time to write a little paper for the Insight-Journal.

Bug created (#2932)

[SVN revision 20061]
FIX (#2849): moved to from sandbox to core

[SVN revision 20062]
FIX (#2849): removed unneccessary dependencies to sandbox

Linux machines don't like the test and bring up some singular matrix error.. trying to resolve this.

[SVN revision 20063]
COMP (#2849): Fixed itkTotalVariationDenoisingImageFilterTest.cpp spacing errors

Seems to work.
Let's check tomorrows dart client, then close.

just discussed this with tobi: the MACRO_CREATE_MITK_PLUGIN checks whether the necessary modules exist. If they don't exist, like in the open source version, the bundle is not build and a configure warning is issued which should appear on the dashboard.

Just found it:
Warning: org.mitk.gui.qt.basicimageprocessing is missing requirements and won't be built. Missing: MitkSB;MitkDiffusionImagingMBI

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"