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[Multilabel Segmentation] Changing visibility of labels on higher layers does not trigger update
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  • Load a picture and create a Multilabel Segmentation session
  • Add some area to the first label
  • Create an additional layer and add some area to a label within it
  • Click the eye icon to Show/Hide a label

--> On layer 0 it works as expected, the visibility of the label is immediately toggled. On any higher layer, the change only applies when there is some other kind of update, like switching layer or adding another label on the current one

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s434n triaged this task as Normal priority.Jun 1 2021, 2:37 PM
s434n created this task.

Maybe @thomass is still reading. :) I think she reported the same thing some weeks ago but I cannot find it. It's just a missing RequestRenderWindowUpdate().

I am indeed still reading since I still have tasks to do (I will not leave beforehand just as promised :-)). I think you are referring to T28383 / D477 ... maybe it didn’t fully do the trick.

It seems to be the same bug, I just failed to find the existing task. Since I found it in the last Release version, the bugfix was just not included yet, but the problem is still solved. I guess this task can be closed then