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Login procedure in can be confusing for private registry mode
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Following the instructions on as well as I ran into some issues. I just added the registry URL and did not modify the USERNAME and PASSWORD lines. Running the script then only asks for a password:

ubuntu@vm-128-223:~$ ./
USER: ubuntu
Check disk space: ok
SIZE:  194G
Check if helm is available...
Get helm deployments...
Current deployments:
No previous deployment found -> installation
Helm login registry...
Credentials found!

and after entering e.g. a GitLab access token it fails with an error and to recover needs a manual docker logoff/logon procedure and possibly even more cleanup steps.

Maybe the logic in the could be improved, or the documentation could be enhanced to give a clearer instruction on how to enter credentials for a private registry.

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Putting both in the script, like


works. But only if you do it on the first run.

I tried to reproduce Marco's problem and on a fresh instance I had the exact same issues.

image.png (1×941 px, 235 KB)

The install script didn't ask for my username but only for password.

nolden moved this task from Discussion to Community-Day Tasks on the Kaapana (internal) board.

This was discussed in the meeting, and it's considered to be a bug in the script, not properly checking for an empty USERNAME variable.

Free to claim if you would like to fix it ;)

Currently, what we have in the under the if condition that checks credentials:


-> this checks if the variable exists, doesn’t matter if empty or not.
We just need to check if the value of the variable is empty or not with the following:


This fixes the problem.