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[PACS] Allow disabling of PACS tools
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At the moment, when PACS mode is active, one of its tools is selected at any given time. In certain cases, it would be benefitial to be able to have none active. This is the case when doing segmentations while in PACS mode, since selecting a different PACS tool while a segmentation tool is active will cause both interactors to be active at the same time, without being able to deactivate one of them. (see T28630)

One idea would be to allow users to click a selected PACS tool again to deselect it.

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s434n triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 15 2021, 5:05 PM
s434n created this task.

It seems this idea is currently not directly implementable, in the way of clicking a button again to deactivate it. In the constructor of QmitkInteractionSchemeToolBar.cpp the line m_ActionGroup->setExclusive(true); guarantees that exactly one option is selected at any time. Since Qt 5.14 there is the option to set an ExclusionPolicy of ExclusionOptional, which accomplishes exactly what was thought of in this task. As this is not available yet, one would either need to manually implement the desired behavior of activating/deactivating actions, or wait until perhaps a newer version of Qt is used.

As of now, we will remain with Qt 5.12 for a while, since it is a well maintained long-term version

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