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[Segmentation] Preferences / properties for "Smoothed surface creation" do not seem to have any effect
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I can't see any difference creating a smoothed polygon model / a surface from a "3D" segmentation mask when changing the properties.

To reproduce:

  • start MITK, open the (multilabel) segmentation view, load an image
  • create a "3D" segmentation by drawing a segmentation mask on multiple neighboring slices
  • create a smoothed polygon model / surface using the data manager context menu on the segmentation node
  • open the preference page of the corresponding view and change the values of the preference "Smoothed surface creation"
    • (btw.: observe the difference for both segmentation plugins)
  • create another smoothed polygon model / surface using the context menu
  • compare both surfaces in the 3D render window

--> no difference in smoothing / rendering

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