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Update external projects
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  • Update external projects to later/latest versions
  • Change as many external projects as possible from downloads to Git clones

Progress of external projects with downloads:

External projectClone from official repoClone from forkUpstream pull requestVersion updateNotes
ANN Technically not a fork since the original source code only exists as archive from 2010. Patch is mainly a CMake build system.
CppUnitPatch is a CMake build system.
Qwtv6.1.5 v6.2.0Patch is mainly a CMake build system.
CTK7210c5bc (Nov 8, 2020) ec816cbb (May 17, 2022)
CTK PythonQt85
DCMTKv3.6.6 v.3.6.7
GDCMv3.0.10 v3.13.1Use ITK's version of GDCM.
HDF5See notes on Vigra.
MatchPointf7699d1e (Apr 20, 2021) e63dfdbb (Apr 5, 2022)
OpenCVv3.4.16 v4.6.0@franza should probably check whether IGT is still working as expected.
OpenIGTLinkv3.0.0 d4eaae93 (Aug 2, 2022)
Pocov1.9.0 v1.12.2Update necessary for Ubuntu 22.04 due to OpenSSL v3 compatibility.
TinyXML-2We stay at v8.0.0 instead of upgrading to v9.0.0 since v8.1.0 introduced CMake bugs and v8.0.0 works fine for us.
VigraWe use ancient version of both Vigra and HDF5 but for now it is better not to touch anything as long as it is working. It's a wasp nest.
C++ REST SDKv2.10.16 v2.10.18Is in maintenance mode and not recommended to be used in new projects.
Ceres SolverExternal project of eMITK.

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