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[Segmentation] [Interpolation] Unknown exception when creating new segmentation while interpolation is active on current segmentation at layer != 0
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  • Open Pic3D.nrrd
  • Create segmentation
  • Activate 3-d interpolation
  • Add and switch to new layer
  • Add label
  • Draw two slices to feed the interpolation
  • Create new segmentation

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kislinsk triaged this task as High priority.Mon, Mar 6, 1:11 PM
kislinsk created this task.

SurfaceInterpolationController::AddLabelSetConnection() is called while m_SelectedSegmentation is different to the segmentation retrieved from the ToolManager in QmitkSlicesInterpolator. So both interpolation classes seem to be out of sync and referring to different segmentations. This leads to the attempt to access the label set on layer 1 in a segmentation, that only has layer 0.